How To Choose Your Mattress

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Getting a good nights sleep is vital for us to stay healthy and happy, so when it’s time to replace our mattress it helps to know what is available. In this guide we’ll attempt to cut through the jargon, explain what goes into a good mattress and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type.



  • 2ft6 UK Small single. 75cm x 190cm / 2’6″ x 6’3″
  • 3ft UK Single. 90cm x 190cm / 3′ x 6’3″
  • 4ft UK Small double. 120cm x 190cm / 4′ x 6’3″
  • 4ft6 UK Double. 135cm x 190cm / 4’6 x 6’3″
  • 5ft UK King size. 150cm x 200cm / 5′ x 6’6″
  • 6ft UK Superking size. 180cm x 200cm / 6′ x 6’6″


Open Spring.

Also known as open coil.. Metal wire is used to form numerous springs which are stabilized with the addition of border rods to maintain the shape. These mattresses are quite light making them easy to turn and are generally a low cost option. Suitable for children’s and guest beds where they are used occasionally, or will need replacing regularly anyway.


Pocket Spring.

This type of mattress is more luxurious as it’s made from individual small springs housed in their own pocket of fabric. This means that each spring moves independently providing more support than an open spring mattress. This is a good option if you’re looking for a bed for two people as the separate springs will cater for your different needs and weights. A 5 foot or King Size 1500 pocket mattress will typically contain 1500 springs.

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Memory Foam. 

Memory foam is a mouldable material which reacts to temperature and weight. This allows it to mould to the shape of your body, absorb your weight and relieve pressure on your joints. Ideal for people who need support or suffer with a bad back as it will maintain posture and align your spine when sleeping on your side.



A Hybrid mattress combines the best of both worlds by bringing together spring and memory foam mattresses. Memory foam can be added to a spring unit to achieve a more breathable and durable mattress.



A firm or orthopaedic mattress will be more suitable if you sleep on your back as this will prevent you from sinking and causing lower back pain. A softer mattress is for those who sleep on their sides so the mattress can mold to the body and keep the spine straight.


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