Mattress Coverings: A Guide

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Most mattress buying guides will cover mattress types such as Memory Foam, Coil Spring and Pocket Spring. But what about the material on the outside? Many new and innovative materials are being used on the outside of mattresses and here we describe a few and discuss their properties.


Cashmere is harvested from goats living on the rugged grasslands of Inner Mongolia where temperatures plummet to -30 Celsius. The particular breed is the capra hircas goat. The conditions are perfect for the goats to grow their insulating, breathable, soft cashmere undercoat. Among its most prized properties is the material’s warmth, weight and softness which provides a soft luxurious covering to sleep on.


Tencel is a fiber made from the wood pulp of trees that are harvested and then replaced on specialized tree farms. It is produced using recyclable, Eco-friendly solvents. Tencel has the lustrous feel of a silk and is cool and soft against the skin. It is a naturally cool fabric and when used on a mattress it will keep the user cool and comfortable.

Silver Active

Silver Active is a scientifically developed fabric which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. The presence of silver provides positive health properties for those suffering with aches and pains or asthma related conditions. Silver Active is also cool and comfortable and the thermo-dynamic properties enable it to adjust to the users temperature.


Adaptive fabric has the ability to change temperature according to your body temperature. If you’re too hot it will cool down, if you’re too cold it will warm up. The following YouTube clip explains how the technology works.




To summarize, the material covering the mattress you buy will have a great effect on the quality and comfort of your purchase. It is well worth considering the options available to find what suits you best.



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