Time for a new mattress?

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If you are having sleep problems the culprit could be your old mattress. Good sleep is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and your bed is crucial to feeling comfortable and sleeping well. Here are 6 pointers that could be telling you it’s time to make a change.


You wake up still feeling tired.


We all know that feeling when we have had insufficient sleep but what about when we have slept for 8 hours and still wake up feeling tired and groggy? If your body has been unable to find a comfortable sleeping position you may have been tossing and turning and experiencing interrupted sleep. Maybe your body knows it is time to make a change and that could be the key to waking up refreshed and rested.


Your couch is as comfortable as your bed.


This shouldn’t be the case, your bed should be comfortable and cozy. Couches are made for sitting and whilst a short nap on the couch can be beneficial it will not provide the comfort and support of a good mattress. If the couch is anywhere near as comfortable as your bed it is time to find a new mattress.


Your mattress is sagging.


Sagging occurs when your mattress has lost its resiliency and the core has softened. It should be able to retain its shape and firmness after use. A good mattress will support body alignment and relieve pressure but a sagging mattress will have lost the ability to do this. The result could be back, neck and hip discomfort.


Your mattress is squeaking.


Sounds coming from below may indicate that the springs and frame are damaged and the mattress is unable to provide healthy support. This may result in aches and pains. Consider a change if you are hearing squeaking or creaking from your bed.


Sneezing and allergies.


If you are waking up sneezing and suffering from allergies, it may be your body telling you it is time to make a change. Allergies can develop by using old mattresses potentially containing millions of dust mites which feed on the dead skin of humans. Dust mites are one of the leading causes of allergies and asthma and the way to beat them is to purchase a product using allergen free covering and fillings, which are resistant to dust mites.


Your mattress is old.


Mattresses have a tough job supporting your body and no matter how well built they won’t last forever. A mattress lifetime would normally be between 6 and 8 years. The most persuasive factor for upgrading is the new materials and technology employed. Heat adaptive and anti- bacterial textiles plus innovative fillings and spring systems are able to provide us with extreme comfort.


Think of buying a new mattress as an investment, getting a good night’s sleep will not only improve how you sleep but may improve the quality of your life.

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