One day we thought to ourselves ‘Why do decent mattresses cost so much?’. We started making top quality mattresses that anyone can buy without fancy brand names or showrooms. Call us now for your perfect mattress.

At it is our passion to make the perfect mattress, after all we spend a third of our life in bed. We are a small company who supply high quality mattresses to showrooms nationwide.
We also supply direct to the public which enables customers in our area to purchase a top end mattress at a price not possible from a showroom.
We pride ourselves on using the latest state of the art materials for our fillings and coverings which are naturally fire resistant and not treated with chemicals.
Fillings include horse hair, wool, memory foam, Cool Blue foam, Latex.
Luxurious coverings include Cashmere, a soft warm fabric obtained from Kashmir goats.
Tencel, a cool anti bacterial natural fabric.
Silver Active, anti fungal/bacterial, contains pure silver, relieves aches and pains.
Adaptive, a fabric which responds dynamically to temperature. This means it can create it’s own micro climate to cool if hot and warm if cold.
We also build massage mattresses which have an inbuilt unit controllable by an App on your phone or remote control.
Please contact us for more information.

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